Thursday, July 23, 2020

Elections Matter

By Michele Arceneaux

Elections matter!  Regardless of your political affiliation, we, as Jefferson County voters, expect our elected representatives to champion what’s best for our community.  That’s why we vote for them and trust them to carry out the will of the people,  over the desires of special interests.  However, that doesn’t always happen, which requires accountability and advocacy.  The Jefferson Progress & Preservation Committee (JPPC) was formed in 2020 to ensure candidates for office and incumbent officeholders stay true to our rural values and peaceful way of life here in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County is strong in heritage and history.  We share a common bond between neighbors and communities, appreciating the beauty and nature that makes this area our home…a home worth defending and fighting for.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many threats to our way of living in recent years.  The recent Power Line Controversy is a  painful example of the blatant disregard for private property rights by outside special interest groups. 

We face an even bigger threat by the MCORES Suncoast Connector toll road that has been proposed & passed into legislation by the Florida Legislature  This Project has been supported by a handful of  city and county commissioners.  If the toll road expressway comes into Jefferson County, it will fatally wound Monticello’s economy, and will cause a devastating ripple effect upon on our local ecological resources and quality of life across our entire community! 

This is why local community leaders have teamed up to keep elected officials focused on the realities and threats facing Jefferson County.  More importantly, we formed JPPC to give every Jefferson County citizen, who wants to protect our way of life and pursue smart progress, a voice that’s heard in city hall, the county courthouse, and the state capitol. 

We’re committed to getting candidates elected who won’t sellout to special interests.  We’re emboldened to support incumbents who have kept their word by protecting us from outside special interests. We’re determined to take on any Goliath special interest that underestimates the resolve of our people who love this county!

I want to personally invite you to join our fight to make elections matter for the betterment of our community.  Your first step can be to sign up our TollRoad Petition.  If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join our fight for the future of Jefferson County, please send us an e-mail

Jefferson County is special and the people who call this place home are special.  There isn’t any place else like it in the state and even the country, which is why we attract new neighbors all the time!

May God continue to bless the people of Jefferson County, our state and our nation.