Friday, July 17, 2020


Welcome to The Jefferson Progress & Preservation Committee!  We were formed in 2019 by local citizens to positively influence Jefferson County politics and public policy.  Our starting point is the protection and promotion of the rural character and community that’s our home known as Jefferson County. 

Our leaders, allies and supporters advocate for smart growth and economic progress that’s consistent with our mission: 

To create & promote a balance between sustainable economic development & the unique history, heritage, ecology & way of life in Jefferson County.
Currently, the most pressing threat to Jefferson County’s way of life is the proposed Suncoast Connector Expressway or Toll Road.   

The toll road is being pushed by special interests and members of the Florida legislature, which does absolutely nothing to enhance the quality of life for Jefferson County citizens. The toll road expressway is a self-contained system that bypasses communities, much like a high-speed rail with the purpose of speed and distance. Nowhere in the proposals will you find economic data supporting job creation or economic development.

The Jefferson Progress & Preservation Committee has taken a stand against some of the most powerful special interest groups in the state. We’ve been successful in winning key battles, but the war is yet to be won. 

For more information and to join our committee as an advocate, donor and supporter, please contact us by email at